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Club Meeting is Friday, November 12, 2018 at West Valley College.


 Notice to club members

The newsletter page is now password protected.  Use the same password you use to access the Members Only page.  If you don’t remember the password call or email the webeditor.



Honorary Memberships.

Honorary Members: Upon recommendation of the Executive Board, persons who
have rendered important service to the Santa Clara Valley Thunderbirds’ interests or to
the cause of motoring in general, may be elected to honorary membership..

Charlie & Isabell Vincent

Pete and Marge Gray

Bill and Diana Mann

Larry & Georgette Maness

Don & Laurie Reisinger


September, 2018 Membership Anniversaries
  Skip & KC Doughty = 32; Jack & Pat Weber = 30; Bob & Paula Lawrence = 28; Carl & Bernie Epolite = 28; Joan Moreland = 25; Larry & Maryann Pierson = 24; Bud & Jan Millard = 10; Bruce & Jennifer Wool = 3.


Check out the “SCVT Car of the Month” in the Fan.

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Eddi Cox 57 Willow Green


Gene Cox’s 1957 takes 1st place in Senior Touring in Knoxville

Gene takes 1st place Senior Touring in Knoxville

Here is a better antenna flag mounting.


Contact Don if you want it.



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