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Club Meeting is Friday, May 11, 2018 at West Valley College.




Honorary Memberships.

Honorary Members: Upon recommendation of the Executive Board, persons who
have rendered important service to the Santa Clara Valley Thunderbirds’ interests or to
the cause of motoring in general, may be elected to honorary membership..

Charlie & Isabell Vincent

Pete and Marge Gray

Bill and Diana Mann

Larry & Georgette Maness

Don & Laurie Reisinger


Farewell our Friends.

SCVT sends best wishes to Daryl Morford and Gail Johnson.  Hope you enjoy St. Croix.   We will miss you so stay in touch.

Gail Johnson and Daryl Morford


May, 2018 Membership Anniversaries
  Lisa Bugajski & Michael Strong = 2; William & Melinda McDonald = 3; Barry & Margaret Moore = 7;  Andy & Birgit Myles = 13; John Holland = 25; Bob Kiehl & Barbara Beach = 31; Ray & Judy Delgado = 34; Fred Meyer = 37; Marge Gray = 45.


Check out the “SCVT Car of the Month” in the Fan.


Les & Bobbie Miller’s 1956 Thunderbird


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