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Club meeting is Friday, October 14, 2016.




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August 2016 Membership Anniversaries

Skip & KC Doughty = 30; Jack & Pat Weber = 28; Bob & Paula Lawrence = 26; Carl & Bernie = 26; Eugene & Effie McCallum = 23; Gaines Adcock & Joan Moreland = 23; Larry & Maryann Pierson = 22; Bud & Jan Millard = 8; Bruce & Jennifer Wool = 1; Lucian Shifren = 1 .



SCVT Editor Wins Big

Casey and Skip Doughty won the most prestigious NEWSLETTER award beating all other clubs for the Gold Medallion Award. 

Congratulations – we are proud of you!



SCVT scoops up awards at the San Diego CTCI Convention. 

This was a fun event for everyone especially those who won awards for their car.  The hard luck goes to Larry & Georgette Maness – Their T-Bird had a leaking radiator just before the trip so they drove their daily car which blew the head gaskets (and who knows what else) in Ventura.  There were a few mechanical problems but our master mechanic Bill Mann took care of them and we all made it home safe and sound (not too sure about sound).

Congratulations go to:

Bill & Diana Mann

Les & Bobbie Miller

Jerry & Gail Dance

Don & Kate Hamblin

Gene & Eddi Cox

Mont & Diane Roach

Larry Johnston

Joe & Pat Ryan

Cliff & Kathy Monroe

Sam & Bonnie Hollingsworth

Gil Baumgartner

Bill Croxton for becoming a Master Judge



2016 Overbird/Underbird awards go to:

Carl & Berni Epolite – Favorite 55

Bob & Paula Lawerance – Favorite 56

Joan Peterson – Favorite 57

There were no UNDERBIRD’s



SCVT Receives The Ford Johnson Memorial Award in 2012 at the

CTCI convention in Memphis Tennessee.

FYI, this is the most expensive award received.  It cost about $8,000.00 because it took all of these cars to travel from the Bay Area to Memphis.